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Writer's Block: In The Money Aug. 2nd, 2007 @ 09:24 am

If I won $100 this afternoon I'd defintely head over to a local massage place and hook myself up with a Swedish Massage.  Preferably by a hot blooded man with dark hair, cut abs and hands of steel.  Mmmm yeah.  After that relaxing massage, I'd head over to Loft 1523 calling Tony on the way to meet me there and we'd have a couple of martinis between us as we talked about our hopefully soon cruise we're planning to take.

Let's see, I'd probably still have about $20.00 left after that and I assume I'd be a bit hungry, so I would probably head over to Quiznos for a flat bread salad, and then head over to the movie theater to see Hairspray.

Then I'd rest, happy that I won $100 and spent it wisely.

Feb. 11th, 2006 @ 11:57 pm

You know what sucks?  Coming home on a Saturday night smelling like you brought back the whole bar *sniffs hair* - yuck; *sniff's clothes* - stinky.  And I was about for maybe an hour. Oh Joy.

Ooh I got my Valentine's day gifts today. Want to know what they consist of:

a shirt from TJ Maxx

a bottle of martini liquour flavoring

a box of Edy's Dibs

some brown mailing paper

some stuff for my hair

a bottle of water

a small crystal light packet for said bottle of water.

Happy Valentine's Day to me. I absolutely love my boyfriend with all my heart, but there is not a romantic bone in his body. :(   Buying everything I'm planning on buying for myself while we're out and saying "This is my Valentine's Gift to you"...Well, I guess I should be glad he remembered at all. 

Random thought - you ever hang out with people who, after a while you realize - if you're not drunk, they're not fun? Story of my life.

Ah well this whole journal is random...which is why I shouldn't post at 12:04 a.m. when I'm dead tired and smell like the inside of a bar.


Will I EVER feel better Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 08:57 am
So for three months I've dealt with excruciating tooth pain, then I get sick. I get better and last week have my last two wisdom teeth taken out. NOW I'm sick again. I feel like I've been sick for months.

You know how you've been so sick that you've forgotten how it felt to feel 100% healthy? Yeah, I'm there.

So this weekend I basically spent lazing around. Went out to dinner with David on Friday then his friend from Charleston moved in with him so now HE has a roommate (there goes our privacy). Saturday night we all went to the Checkers game which his made me realize that I *am* a bad luck charm to the team since every time I've gone to a game, they've lost. And bad. And now I've learned that our favorite player has been waived. *cries* Goodbye Walker - you were so good at your 30 second aggravation rituals. We'll miss you.

Anyway, Sunday I did nothing but lie in the bed all day long with this horrible head cold. Thank goodness for the America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 marathon!

Here's hoping I feel better by this weekend for the Bud Shootout - Han, Jackie - you both have fun this weekend. I wish I was there. I WILL be, next year :)

New Year, new - whatever Jan. 5th, 2006 @ 11:33 am

Yesterday was fun. After work David and I went across the street from my job and went ice skating.  We thought he was going to fall flat on his butt, but he actually did better than me, bastard. 

Here's a couple of pictures that my friend grabbed from the web cam when I called her to tell her we were there - we're in the red circle:

This one we're waving at the camera as I'm talking to her on the phone.

This one I'm still on the phone with her while David is skating off into the darkness, backwards.  Notice my little note up top which of course when I saved it myself you can hardly see...blah

anywho afterwards we went to Pizzeria Uno and stuffed ourselves with an appetizer before we both headed home.  Me with my id, atm card and hurting ankles, him with my purse.  I kinda left it in the back of his truck.  Darnit.

And that is all for today.


To all my Lovely girls on LJ


May your Christmases be merry

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Funky Funky Christmas
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Interesting...since I do want him to DIE!
» Non Nascar fangirl alert
<-----such a nerd.

Okay well all know I'm not much into fanatical fandom but tomorrow night Nicole Simpson is signing @ Barnes & Noble and I'm going to be there. I just love that girl. I wish she would gain some of her weight back because she looks like a bobblehead but between her and Paris she's just my girl.

Of course I hope she hurries it up and signs because I have a banquet to be at watch.

(oh and speaking of fangirl...my sister found a big bag of old pictures from my New Kids on the Block days...I need a scanner. I laughed so hard at half of them.

And stolen from my homey hanho

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad -- BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.
» Two more days
and I'm blowing this pop stand.

<----can't wait.

I was in such a pissy mood yesterday thanks to my own damn fault and a bill I found out I hadn't paid for two months so now I have to fork over $200 today or we won't have cable. I was so upset that when David called me during his lunch I didn't answer the phone. He called 4 times afterward, then when I left work I get a voicemail from Denise telling me that David called her to see if I came into work today. She told him I was in a pissy mood.

THEN I get home and Tony drank the rest of the vodka from my birthday party. CAN A GIRL GET A CRANBERRY VODKA AFTER A HARD DAY? Sheesh. I was so upset when he got home that he went and brought me some wine. (I sound like such a drunk...hey at least I took the paper bag off the bottle before I started guzzling).

I ended up making a necklace in my bed while drinking wine and watching Bones (getting hooked on that show). Talked to David finally, poor guy. I just didn't feel like talking to anyone. I seriously was so upset that I wanted to throw things around at work, but you can't do that sort of thing without getting fired, so I passed.


Anyway today I feel 1% better. I don't have an appetite, yet I'm insanely hungry (figure that one out), and except for my appointment to get my hair done today, and dinner with David ...I'm not happy. I think I'm just anticipating my vacation too much and I can't stand to be here for the next two days.

I want out.


Oh another reason I'm not happy. Talked to my step-dad yesterday morning and told him I was coming home for the holidays. Then I asked him if I could #1) use my mom's car and #2) ship some stuff back home. Well apparently the car is dead so I can't and also he said he 'got rid of all that stuff' at the house. ALL THAT STUFF...ALL THE STUFF THAT REMINDS ME OF MY MOM - AND MOST OF MY STUFF FROM MY CHILDHOOD.

Well thanks.
» (No Subject)
My survey, bitches!Collapse )
» I'm sure I give God plenty to laugh at.

Okay so yesterday David and I went out to dinner for my friend Katrina's (yes there are two of us, with birthdays a day apart...be scared, be very scared) birthday.  Well I got to the restaurant first and I took the first parking space available which was right at the entrance, on top of a hill.

So we're all sitting there drinking margaritas, eating fish tacos in this room. There is a group of us, and behind us another group of people enjoying their dinner. They keep looking out of the window down at the street (this restaurant is right on a semi busy - needs to be widened- street in the upscale neighborhood of Dilworth) talking about a vehicle that looks like it probably was hit, because it's just sitting in the middle of the right lane, while cars are passing by.  This goes on for some time, then Tracy one of the girls with us gets up to go to the restroom and looks out the window and makes a comment about the vehicle and how weird it is that it's just out there. David stands up, looks out the window, turns to me and says um, Kat, you better look out there.

My damn jeep has rolled out of the parking space, down the entrance, INTO the street and is sitting backwards in the right lane.

I forgot to put my parking brake on. Damnit!  Thankfully no one hit it, and it didn't hit a passing car or I would have been up shit creek without a paddle, or even a damn boat. By the time I stood up there were a couple of waiters, and the owner outside trying to push it back up and I had to run out there with David and the keys.


David parked it, we came in and everyone in our part of the restaurant gives me a clapping welcome.



Then to make matters even more embarrasing - We left the hazards on after we parked it.

Oh and on top of all THAT, someone took my kick ass parking space...bastards.

Gosh, birthday tomorrow and I'm already getting senile.

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